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pick up frozen,

or request your order hot

live cooking demos at pickup,

and earn dumpling perks

when you buy 4 sets or more





Handmade, farm to table dumplings from scratch - meat, fish or veg - (chefs choice), $60/set for 12 handcrafted pieces, read below for dumpling perks 


TYPES OR DUMPLINGS: All dumplings are chefs choice and can be in the form of potstickers, wontons, shumai, pierogies, raviolis, arancini.The filling will be made with local proteins and vegetables and/or organic based on seasonality, quality, and availability

PICK-UP: Pickup at the farm on the last Sunday of every month at 2pm. You have the option to eat your dumplings hot in the picnic area on the farm, or you can bring them home frozen; if you cannot make the designated pickup date please reach out directly to receive them frozen, thank you!


INSTRUCTIONS: Cooking demo included via IG video or you can request a live demo with advance notice to view when you arrive at pickup!

SERVINGS: 3-4 dumplings/person is a healthy portion, 1-2 dumplings/person is an appetizer

COST: $60/set - 6 Market + 6 Artisanal, 12 pieces total - first come, first serve - only 8 sets max per customer each pickup

UPGRADES: When high end ingredients become available (ie: wagyu, lobster, etc), members will receive priority to upgrade at MP. 

scroll for perks

Want to learn how to make dumplings from scratch?


Book a cooking class with Chef Justine Ma and for every 4 sets of dumplings you order, you earn a seat to a pleating class along side students who've taken her dumpling workshop, test dumplings included and does not count towards your set total (value $40) - must book dumpling workshop to claim this perk, 10% off $250 dumpling course for anyone who purchases a dumpling set

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