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my journey in hawaii

July 2016

October 2016

October 2017

May 2018

August 2018

July 2019

August 2019

November 2019

January 2020

May 2020

left nyc and cashed in my all of my frequent flyer points to fly from nyc to hawaii for a yoga teacher training on the big island until august; and decided to stay on island to volunteer at a retreat center

found a ground level rental studio across with a private bathroom across from kehena beach to swim, meditate and take time for myself; it didn't have a kitchen so i learned how to cook off of a portable electric burner and washed dishes in the bathroom sink

bought an acre of land

lava started to flow and i needed to evacuate my studio apt; share a 3 bedroom oceanfront house with 2 other couples - in the meantime I was designing my house and submitting building plans to the county

after receiving my building permit, I decided to follow my astrocartography around the world to learn some life lessons and figure out my next steps and decided to go Mexico, NYC, Italy, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Hong Kong

finished teaching yoga at a permaculture retreat center in the mountains (4hrs north of Ubud) and realized that hawaii is home and I was ready to plant roots (literally and figuratively)

as soon as I got home to hawaii, I moved into the cabin on my property, hooked up a 200ft hose to my neighbors well, installed 2 solar panels and then i got a bad case of shingles; i still decided to go through the building process because the best concrete guy on the island had a slot available and I took it

still recovering from shingles, I decided to teach special education at a public school to help cover building costs; so while I was teaching kids at school, I used my lunch breaks to call builders, buy materials and organize inspections for the house; by November the framing of the house and the roof was complete

first round of electric and plumbing, drywall, insulation were done; there were a few hiccups with the plumbing however it got fixed

the pandemic hit and I decided to keep going with the building program so I got the tile done, floors stained, kitchen ordered and second round of electric and plumbing were complete

September 2020

January 2021

September 2021

January 2022

April 2022


the house passed final inspection and I moved out of the cabin and into the house; started making dumplings due to pandemic anxiety

left the school system and decided to invest in the acre now that the house was built; it was overgrown with weeds so I bought plants

hosted my first set of farm to table hipcampers

finished the outdoor picnic area and built the outdoor kitchen; earned myself the Star Host badge on hip camp

hosted my first cooking class in hawaii, followed by collaboration events with local arts

raising money to build a tiny home + lanai to either use as a yoga deck, event space, or potentially a homesteading preschool 

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