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Join our team of licensed wild game hunting guides who will answer questions about the invasive species on the island, show you what to look for on the trails, and how to hunt on the Big Island. With over 15 years of experiences, Brian Koval, his crew and a team of trained hunting dogs will bring you to one of their hunting spots on the island.


You have the option to choose a package that will determine your game and hunting location. This class is as hands-on as you'd like and can accommodate all levels. Catches are not guaranteed, however each hunt you're guaranteed to bring home wild meat and a really good time!


$1700/half-day hunt (up to 3 people) - up to 4hrs, nearby hunting ground (pig)

$2200/full day hunt (up to 3 people) - up to 10hrs, exclusive hunting spot (sheep, pig, goat)

LOCAL HUNTERS: If you'd like to train with our licensed guides, you can join as a hunters assistant for $500/pp or if you have a valid hunting license $350/pp. Contact Brian at

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